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Des Croissants Paris is a traditional French Boulangerie Patisserie.
It's for all the artisanal bread lovers, offering freshly baked croissants, pastries and sandwiches. Each bite carries the essence of authentic French baking, transporting you to the streets of Paris with every taste.


Samuel’s work is infused with genuine love, creating an atmosphere that feels like home, embodying "l'art de vivre à la française". Our values are deeply ingrained in everything we do. Integrity is a non-negotiable; we uphold the highest standards in product quality and take immense pride in our craft. Respect guides our interactions with customers, the production process, and the end product itself. Authenticity defines us - we are proudly French, committed to tradition while embracing innovation at every turn.


Our motto encapsulates our philosophy :

TASTE our creations, let them bring a SMILE to your face, and savor the desire for more - ENCORE!

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